“Leasa Brandt” Omaha, NE, USA
I have spoken to Mr. Smith a few times over the past 3 days. He has been such a helpful Man, very sweet and genuinely caring. I have appreciated his personal service and help tremendously. I have had some concerns with becoming a member as I am sure everyone has had at some point. Being that Smith is such a lovely man and seemed so honest and considerate to an individual like myself. He has been 100 percent across the board with everything.
“Merrill Scott” Kankakee, IL, USA

It it seems most drs are to scared or they don't realize that all of us aren't pill poppers we have genuine chronic pain and I applaud services such as yourself who are very hard to come by and have the understanding that we are not all drug addicts looking for a fix people in my situation come from all walks of life have families, jobs, etc and we need help and the more are useless government gets involved in our healthcare the more of us will continue to suffer for no reason when these medicines are in the market place for our help thanks again for your help and happy holidays to you!!

“John Roush” Jacksonville, FL, USA

Thanks so much for all of your help. I would not have known what to do without your help. Sincerely and grateful

“Caroline Sumner” Buffalo Grove, IL, USA

I have been in the medical field for over 10 years so I was very skeptical of looking for a physician through your website. When I began having severe pain due to fibromyalgia and bursitis, I didn't think it would be hard to find a physician that would be willing to help treat the underlying condition plus the pain. I was wrong. I was treated like a druggie and shuffled from doctor to doctor. I was fed up and started looking for anyone that could help online. That is when I found your website. I spoke to Mr. Smith directly and she assured me that this was legit. I was still skeptical until I had my first visit with the physician I chose from their site. I was able to get answers and get the treatment that I desperately needed. I am pleased to say that “this website is not a scam”, it is legit! I would recommend this site to anyone. Thank you for your service. Sincerely,

“Jason Anderson” Sparks, NV, USA

First, let me say thank you VERY MUCH for your efforts to help people who suffer daily with legitimate pain. I am so grateful to you for helping me when I was to the point where I was at a dead end. Your work is greatly appreciated.

“Shawn Perry” Dubuque, IA, USA

I want to thank you not only for your guidance but for your kindness as well. Kindness is a rare trait in the world we live in let alone in the pain management field. Mr. Smit went over and beyond for me. He is not only took the time to explain everything to me but to talk me through step by step. I am no longer in need of your services at this time I want you to know I am forever grateful. Thank you

“Christy Sandhoff” Loomis, CA, USA

It's very troublesome trying to find a doctor that's not afraid to prescribe meds, that are needed, to help manage pain your site not only helped but they were friendly, and the service was very fast in response to my needs. Just thought id let you know very satisfied customer, will continue to do business here. Thanks

“Jason Gordon” Telluride, CO, USA

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful service and compassionate soul. Within the same day that I faxed my medical records and the required forms, I received a very convenient time in the afternoon to speak with a very understanding and knowledgeable doctor. You maintain a wonderful site for those who are really in need. Your devotion to your customers is phenomenal. Thanks again for everything. I look forward to getting back to my daily routine pain-free. I would recommend your site to anyone that suffers from chronic pain and or anxiety related illness. Your service is worth every penny. Thank you from my wife and three young children as well.

“Darcy bruno” East Amherst, NY, USA

I don't know why doctors are so tough on pain meds, but thank God I finally discovered you guys. I am so much more active now. I could have cancelled earlier, but I wanted to give you something back for helping me.

“Robert Louk” Bel Air, MD, USA

Thanks les your hard work has always pays off. I just wanted to say thanks again and that I appreciate the service you provide. You earn every penny of the membership fee.